#11 - Justin Potts from Avenify - Making ISAs (Income Share Agreements) available for the masses.

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Income Share Agreements have come back into fashion with Lambda School making them make sense, but for the 20 million enrolled college students who have to find financing, ISAs haven't been widely available.

Enter Avenify

These guys are building an ISA marketplace for students and investors to come together and finance their education with an ever expanding asset class.

Justin walks me through early validation, 3 months living in an RV and what is next for the team in 2020.

Check out Avenify here  - https://avenify.com/

And the recommended book here - https://www.amazon.com/How-Turn-Down-Billion-Dollars/dp/1250108616

#10 - Sergio Villasenor from Elliot - Making enterprise level e-commerce tools available for the rest of us.

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Super excited to release to you all our interview with Sergio from Elliot, these guys kill it on Twitter and they have a bustling, loud and rapidly growing cult of followers. Everyday I'm reminded that this is a real David vs Goliath story.

If you've ever wanted to start a store online or been crazy enough to do it - you'll want to listen here.

Check them out here: https://elliot.store

Follow Sergio here: https://twitter.com/sir_gee_ohhhhh

Cheeky plug for apple watch wearers - check out our stretching app here: https://www.thestretchy.app

#9 - Lucas Cunha from Otrafy - Bringing food supply chain management into the 21st century

Sometimes identifying problems with large antiquated processes seems like a slam dunk, but with antiquated processes come antiquated sales pipelines.

Lucas and the team at Otrafy have faced this among many other challenges since going through Techstars, which led them to a pivot into a world where records were kept on paper and they think they've got the tech to solve it.

Thanks for joining us Lucas and shedding some light on what early enterprise validation looks like!




#8 Foti Panagiotakopoulos from GrowthMentor - World class mentors for your startup at a fraction of the cost.

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"Get unstuck quickly with advice from vetted startup mentors

In a few clicks you'll have access to 150+ vetted growth marketing and startup mentors, ready to jump on a call with you at startup friendly rates (or free!)"

What Foti is doing here is insanely cool, affordably democratising advisor networks. I would recommend every startup try and book at least one session. The story of how it came about and how Foti built it is great!




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#7 - Dan Garrett from Farewill - Using wills to leave your loved ones messages (as well as your stuff)

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Have you ever thought about leaving an inside joke inside your will, the kind of stuff you would see in a rom-com, so that if you died... you could make your mates laugh from beyond the grave?

Well, Dan will kill me for describing his product like this, but that alongside the best will creation process on earth - is what Dan and the team at Goodwill have built. And it is fantastic.

But how do you sell that? How do you start? Dive in!

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